“Best door safety device on the market”

“This is the best door safety device on the market. I have installed these in both commercial and residential locations. They are easy to install, hold up well over continued use, look good and most importantly completely protect both sides of the door hinge!”

Patti Laird

Certified Professional Childproofer

“Installation a breeze and appearance pleasing”

“The safety of children in our care at the YMCA is of utmost priority for us. Fingers getting caught in daycare classroom doors has always been a concern for staff. This product seemed to be the solution. When I stopped by the Pinch-Not booth, the door safety shield was installed on a display door, allowing for a true example of how the product works and how it is installed. Being impressed, I ordered several shields on the spot. My product arrived shortly after I returned from the conference. The installation was a breeze and its appearance is pleasing. Daycare staff and families are happy as well.”

Nancy Carr

 YMCA Staffer



“Products are holding up and not detaching”

“We are replacing our current line of finger guard products with those manufactured by Carlsbad Safety Products and the conclusion is Carlsbad products are holding up and not detaching from the doors or cracking like other products.”

Lee Ladley

Satisfied Customer

“Many little hands…shields prevented injuries”

“The door jam shields from Carlsbad Safety Products have saved many fingers in our preschool. The shields are very high quality and remain in great condition. With small children moving in and out of the preschool all day, there are many little hands on the doors and the shields have prevented any injuries. All facilities accommodating children’s programs should be using the shields.”

Vince G Glorioso

Preschool Staffer

“Their products are stellar”

“Carlsbad Safety Products has been a huge asset to our company. We had used similar products in the past, with sub-par results and we were determined to find a better solution. When contacted by a client after their child suffered a significant finger injury from a door, we reached out to Carlsbad. We found their service to be personal, quick, and efficient, and their products are stellar. We received the products promptly, and the guards were quick and easy to install. Most importantly, our client liked them so much, they turned around and ordered additional sets for every door in their home. We will be working quite a bit with the team at Carlsbad in the future, and I would highly recommend anyone in the baby-proofing field to do the same.”

Heather Earley

Vice President, Safe Start Baby

“No worry of little fingers being pinched”

“I truly would like to thank you for the shields. They have been wonderful to have up. All of the staff feels very good that there is no worry of little fingers being pinched. I have had great response from parents about how happy they are that we are taking every step to make sure their little ones are safe. I would also like to say that we don’t even notice them on the doors. For families that do, they always comment about how they are made to look very nice. Overall, these have been a great addition to our school and I would recommend them to anyone. Thanks again!”

Shawna McKeown

Preschool Principal

“We do not worry about those doors anymore”

“…it is a terrible cry when you hear a kid that has just pinched his or her finger in a door without finger protection. Thank you for providing a solution for the La Jolla YMCA with your Pinch-Not door protection on the doors that we were most concerned about. They are inexpensive, take minutes to install, they stayed in place and we do not worry about those doors anymore. Please send us five more for our other doors. Thanks!”

Mark Chrostowski

Facility Director, La Jolla YMCA

“Buying these shields is really a no-brainer!”

“As the facilities manager for several YMCA facilities, I strongly recommend the Pinch-Not Door Safety Shields. These products are easy to install (no tools required), they are attractive, and they work really well. And, they are reasonably priced. So, for the peace of mind of protecting YMCA kids, buying these shields is really a no-brainer!

Jason G. Premo

Maintenance Director, Mission Valley YMCA

“No maintenance… wonderful protection”

“The Mottino Family YMCA in Oceanside, California has about 10 doors equipped with the Pinch-Not Door Safety Shields. They have been simply fantastic. They look great, they require no maintenance, and they provide wonderful protection for little fingers. We are very happy to have this excellent protection. I can truly recommend this product to any YMCA or other facility catering to children.”

Gary Wegener

Mottino Family YMCA Staff, Oceanside

“Unless looking…wouldn’t even know they are there”

“Here are some comments from our preschool staff: We typically try to keep all the doors closed but now that it is hot, it is nice to have the option of keeping the doors open without the fear of the children slamming their fingers in them. It is nice that they blend into the frame and door, so unless you are looking for them, you would not even know they are there. Parents have commented on the school’s proactive measures to protect their children.”

Multiple YMCA Staff

Peninsula Family YMCA