Safety Block

Simple and Effective

The Pinch-Not Safety Block is the simplest way to protect little fingers and add baby proofing to your home. Just hang the Safety Block on the upper hinge of the door and you’re done. The Safety Block effectively prevents the door from closing. It fits all door sizes and can be attached and removed in just seconds.


Audible Alert

In addition, an audible alert signals child’s play and reminds all users not to force the door closed, which could cause door damage. The Safety Block protects both the front and the back of the hinged area as well as the front and back of the handle side of the door.



The Safety Block is attractive and convenient. It’s perfect for grandparents or babysitters who want to minimize the risk of visiting children’s fingers being pinched, jammed, or crushed in doors. At just $10.95 MSRP for a two-pack, the Safety Block inexpensively prevents serious injuries caused by doors.

baby proofing door safety devices

Just hang the Safety Block on the upper hinge of the door to keep it from closing on fingers. An audible sound provides an alerts to childs-play, and is a reminder that the door is blocked from closing.