Home Safety Shield 90™

Door Hinge Finger Protection

Pinch-Not® Home Safety Shield 90™ provides finger protection at the hinge side of the door. The Safety Shield covers the gap between door and jamb so fingers can’t ever reach the danger zone.

This is the normal Home Safety Shield 90™ designed for doors that open to about a 90 degree angle.

The Pinch-Not® Home Safety Shield 180 is specifically designed for those doors that can open to a complete 180 degrees.

Quick and Easy Door Guard Installation

  • Easy and quick installation, with no tools or screws required.
  • Stretch-release adhesive strips facilitate removal.
  • In just 5 minutes, you can completely eliminate the risk of fingers getting crushed by a closing door..
  • Learn more on our installation page

Child Proofing that is Easy and Affordable

  • Child Safety Product Design allows normal operation of the door.
  • Patented folding design allows compact packaging and reduced shipping costs.
  • Low price makes this product affordable for any family.
  • Always completely safe.
Finger Guard Shield
Home Shield
The patented folding design of the
Home Shield has two significant
   • compact packaging
   • lower shipping costs.
Hand held Image
Home Safety Shield
The Home Shield covers hinge-side danger zones – the areas where finger amputations generally occur.



Home Safety Shield 90™

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