Home Safety Shield 180

Complete Protection

The Pinch-Not® Home Safety Shield 180 is a door guard that prevents little fingers from getting caught between the door jamb and the door. Our Safety Shield completely wraps around the gap between the door and jamb keeping fingers from being pinched or worse.

The Pinch-Not® Home Safety Shield 180 covers doors that open to a complete 180 degrees. Our Home Door Safety Shield 90  door guard is specifically designed for doors that open to about a 90 degree angle.

Note: For the rear side of a 180 degree door, you should purchase one of the sets, which includes a ‘rear shield’.

Our Door Guard is Quick & Easy To Install

  • Installation of our child safety door guard is a breeze, with no tools or screws required.
  • No damage when you remove it with our Stretch-release adhesive.
  • It takes just 5 minutes to install and have peace of mind and prevent finger injuries.
  • Learn more on our door guard installation page

Easy to Use and Affordable

  • Our door guard allows normal operation of the door.
  • The Pinch-Not® patented folding design, enables us to reduce cost on shipping.
  • Our child safety door guards are priced affordable for any family
  • Keeps your families fingers safe.
Home Shield
Home Shield
The patented folding design of the
Home Shield has two significant
   • compact packaging
   • lower shipping costs.
Hand held Image
Home Safety Shield
The Home Shield covers hinge-side danger zones – the areas where finger amputations generally occur.

Home Shield 180

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